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emily the great [userpic]

i hate people

December 28th, 2003 (11:31 am)

people really suck. except for you.

emily the great [userpic]

Hentai of the week

December 17th, 2003 (06:19 pm)

emily the great [userpic]

itsu ma demo

December 17th, 2003 (06:15 pm)

Quiz Me
Emily was
a Spellbinding Cult Leader
in a past life.

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Acutally I was Ulssyes S Grant

emily the great [userpic]


December 17th, 2003 (06:02 pm)

current mood: quixotic

Yesterday during art i was supposed to get back my archieture drawing back but mr. hammes had it on his desk and he said that he wanted to keep it becuase he is gonna put it in a show in the spring. I hope its not that stupid little kids art fair in the burnsville city hall, but oh well.

RETURN OF THE FUCKING KING!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH! only i havent seen it yet but i already know who the king is. heh heh heh...

And today in art this girl named mary ann came in crying. So i called her over and i said whats wrong and she said some boy is after me, he wants to rape me. But i know that she can kinda over dramatise a lot but still, its prolly true casue the same punk kid has been tellin smack bout me girl K bomb! and she said hes been starting shit with her.

nuf said. im gonna go X it up.

emily the great [userpic]


December 10th, 2003 (12:19 pm)

current mood: blank
current song: willies chuckling

I added you emily.
ummm yeah so schools the biggest bitch ass mother-fucker ever.
but now im first in my art class and i nevermind...suck my dick. k-bomb we chillin tonight!! ! GIRLFRIEND!
ring ring. oh that was the bell
g 2 g SUCKASSSS!!!

emily the great [userpic]


December 1st, 2003 (08:45 am)

peter come take me to neverland. i dont wanaa grow up.
im a toys r' us kid god damnit.

emily the great [userpic]

me an my boys we make noise

November 26th, 2003 (09:04 am)

school sucks hard. TIna i wanna go to cedar soo bad soo i made a plan to destroy burnsville and go to cedar. first I have a nervous break down at my house and freak my parents out. then i dont go to school for 1 month and 3 days saying i have mono. then ill be totaly behind and have no choice but to go to cedar.

but really whats gonna happen is that im gonna run away to hong kong to live with mr. fugio.

brain stratch: hi my name is what my name is what chicka chicka chicka BONG shady.

now back to 2001 a space fuckin odyssey.

emily the great [userpic]

(no subject)

November 12th, 2003 (09:52 pm)
current song: earthbound

You Are Haruko!
Haruhara Haruko
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you are an alien for all we know.. You are an
expert at baseball and you should stop
torchuring poor naota.

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emily the great [userpic]

doooo oop.

November 12th, 2003 (09:31 pm)

tired as crap. last night i had 9 hrs. of homework and tongiht i did 7 hrs. thats like being at school twice in one day. bastards.
There is this kid in my art class, and we were sitting in the hall way drawing and i look over at him and his whole arm was covered in dark purple sharpy marker. and he had all these open cuts so the marker got into his blood stream and he fainted.
da de kapo kuni...dUN don.

emily the great [userpic]


October 27th, 2003 (08:49 am)

current mood: bored

Simon and Garfunkel concert was awesome! we were in the club spot by the stage. It was all fat minnesota moms and old hippies. Then this lady got up and was dancing so hysterically. and we would laugh at them. Then people were dancing in the walkways and stuff. Then the everly brothers came on and they had matching wigs. and when s and g were done singing people were clapping and cheering for ever. and they came back out and they came back out 7 times. no it was 2 but it was cool.

oh yeah corries. heres my letter to toni.

Dear Toni,
Why did you run so very far away. Do you not remember that sleepover and we ate cake. While playing apples 2 apples. OH yeah! While you were racing Jillian at cake eating you sprayed milk in my face. But i did not retaliate. casue I thought you were cool. guess not. casue you ditched me. and now we cant say "you missed a spot". good times. eh! no no no more good times. Question 1: Where the Fing A are you? Second: Why did you do it. thw3 you made teenz angry! NO ONE makes Teenz angry. Third: When we were hanging out were you plotting evil things. thinking "hehe in a month I wont be with these bitches no more" Yeah! well go horse laugh ya BITCH!!!!